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STUM held a farewell party for teachers' retirement

Great learning makes a teacher, moral integrity makes a modelOn May 20th, a farewell party was held for the retired teachers Wang Wenqun and Xu Dan. The staff of our school sent the best wishes for the two retired teachers. 

At the retirement ceremony, Dean Zou Yongwen introduced the main experiences and deeds of Wang and Xu, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to them for their contribution to the school's talent training and development. The reason why our school has passed on from generation to generation is that generations of people in our school have persistently contributed their wisdom and tirelessly dedicated their hearts. It is their inculcation that makes the healthy growth of students. Accompanied by good wishes, Zou sincerely hoped the two teachers in a reasonable and scientific arrangement of their retirement life and wished them happiness, healthy life and a happy family!


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