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JXUFE Tourism Online Seminar Made a Rewarding Exploration into the Development of Jiangxi's Culture and Tourism Industry

  On the evening of Monday, April 13, a unique academic seminar was held online. This seminar was presided over by associate dean Hu Haisheng. Four students from the Masters of tourism management major respectively conducted online academic reports on the theme of culture and tourism industry chain.

  Under the title of industrial value chain and its application in culture and tourism industry, Wan Sisi analyzed the basic features of global industrial value chain in detail, and proposed the basic framework and requirements of culture and tourism industry chain in combination with the characteristics of culture and tourism industry.

  With the River Cheif System as the focus, Su Ruina elaborated the basic connotation, institutional background, responsibilities and typical cases of the implementation of River Cheif System. Based on the successful implementation of River Cheif System, Lake Cheif System, Road Cheif System, Toilet Cheif System and Grid Cheif System are also widely used in China.

  Yao Dongya conducted the report from four aspects - the appearance and development of tourism satellite account, the content and significance of tourism satellite account, China tourism satellite account research situation, the development prospects of tourism satellite account, making everyone have a better understanding of tourism satellite account.

  In view of the impact of the epidemic on the development of the culture and tourism industry, Hu Guoxiao analyzed the current Chain Cheif System implemented in China from the perspective of the investigation and analysis of the culture and tourism industry after the epidemic, and believed that when the culture and tourism industry in our province promoted the implementation of the chain length system, the responsibility of the Chain Cheif should be identified to form a joint force of the chain and improve the ability to resist risks.

  In this forum, two doctors, Xiao Gang and Lin Wenkai, made wonderful comments on the reports of the students. Some undergraduate students majoring in tourism management of our college in 2017 took a active part in the topic discussion. This explored the mixed classroom teaching mode of professional teachers + graduate students + undergraduate students.

  It is reported that on the afternoon of April 14, there will be a second special report on The impact of COVID - 19 epidemic on the development of world tourism and countermeasures. 

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