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The Report of the Think Tank of Tourism Industry Recovery in Our College Was Reprinted in Full by Xuexiqiangguo

  ?Recently, associate professor Cao guoxin, deputy director of Jiangxi Tourism Development Research Center of our college, wrote a report of the think tank - Recovery the practices and problems about Jiangxi tourism after epidemic (the seven issue of modern industry development reference), which was reprinted in the full text of Xuexiqiangguo.

  Jiangxi Tourism Development Research Center is the only tourism think tank in Jiangxi province jointly established by our school and the provincial tourism department. During epidemic period, Jiangxi Tourism Development Research Center paid close attention to the impact of the epidemic on the tourism industry, and wrote " The study tours into Anhui, Yunnan and Guizhou, research and reflection on the countermeasures to enhance the influence of 11 national 5A grade scenic spots in our province "" Research report on the impact of COVID - 19 pneumonia epidemic on tourism industry in our province and the countermeasures for resuscitation "" The impact of COVID - 19 pneumonia epidemic on tourism in Jiangxi and some suggestions for speeding up the recovery "" Wake up the market and prevent chain debts: the key to tourism recovery in jiangxi province after epidemic "" Pick up ' inaction spirit ', can realize the rapid recovery of the tourism industry" and so on. These think-tank reports were approved by Liu Qi, Yi Lianhong, Yao Zengke, Zhu Hong, Li Huadong, Ma Zhiwu, Xie Ru and other leaders 11 times, and some policy suggestions were adopted by " Notice of Jiangxi Provincial People's Government on playing a good combination about boost tourism consumption " and other documents .

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