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The report on several countermeasures against the epidemic situation by the tourism think tank of STUM was approved by the provincial leaders

Tourism is an important pillar industry whose added value exceeds 11% of DGP in the whole province. At the beginning of the New Year, epidemic occurred suddenly. From January 24 to 27, all tourism enterprises in Jiangxi province were suspended from operation, with an average daily loss of more than 2.6 billion yuan and 970,000 direct and indirect employees closing down. 

In the face of the crisis, Jiangxi tourism development research center of our school played an active role. From the prevention and control of the epidemic to the resumption of production and work, it has been closely tracking the development of the epidemic and carrying out targeted research on tourism think tank.

These days, authorized by provincial culture and tourism industry office, STUM called journey involved politics study business representatives together, chaired a network symposium for the tourism anti-epidemic and recovery policy, widely soliciting opinions and suggestions, and strive to achieve the goal of tourism think-tank construction, making its due contribution to serving the epidemic fighting and tourism quality development for our province.

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