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To fight against the epidemic, teachers and students of the STUM are in action

??Since the outbreak of the epidemic, tour guides in our province have spontaneously undertaken the important task of bringing the urgently needed materials collected by overseas Chinese back to China. STUM arranged for cadres and teachers to actively guide students to participate in the liaison work. Teachers and students tried their best to search and release information, and the scope of search was gradually extended from Jiangxi to tour guides in Zhejiang, Sichuan, Yunnan and other places. As a result of our efforts, more than 190 boxes of materials were shipped back from Brazil, Switzerland and other places.

 The research group led by President Zou Yongwen, through online meetings and online surveys, focused on consulting and investigating the difficulties and suggestions encountered in scenic spots such as Jinggang Mountain, Sanqing Mountain, Tengwang Pavilion, Wugong Mountain, Yichun Tourism Group, Huangling, Yas Mountain, and Fenghuanggou, and the countermeasure report has been submitted to the relevant departments for decision-making. At the invitation of Jiangxi Provincial Management Association, Associate Professor Cao Guoxin published an article entitled regaining inaction and Building a structurally flexible Tourism on the official account of JUFE Industry and Commerce Wechat. Countermeasures and suggestions for tourism disaster prevention, disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction are also put forward.

The Wechat operation team of JUFE Tourism urgently mobilized and worked selflessly. Since February 5th, an issue of JUFE Tourism --- helping culture and tourism against epidemic Daily Information Collection was compiled and issued everyday through the official account of  JUFE Tourism S Wechat, and rapidly becoming a key platform for the province's literature and tourism departments to obtain instant information.

The epidemic is a touchstone, and the STUM is a team that listens to command, can fight, and can be trusted; the epidemic is a great trial, teachers and students are baptized and will be tempered into steel more quickly.

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