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Our school won the two awards of the first Jiangxi Provincial Tourism "Man of the Year"

???On January 14, 2020, the annual work meeting of Jiangxi provincial tourism association and the first Jiangxi provincial tourism industry "Man of the Year" award ceremony was held in Nanchang. Subsequently, Wankai, vice chairman and secretary general of the provincial tourism association, presided over the first Jiangxi provincial tourism industry "Man of the Year" award conference.

In this conference, President Zou yongwen of our college was awarded the outstanding leader award, and vice President Hu Haisheng was awarded the outstanding scholar award. President Zou Yongwen, as an award winning representative, delivered his acceptance speech at the conference. He first thanked the provincial department of culture and tourism and the provincial tourism association for their care and help to the college and to him. In addition, three students from the institute's tourism management advanced training class also received awards.

This is our second award in the New Year. At the annual meeting of tourism education branch of Jiangxi provincial tourism association, Dr. Hu haisheng won the Jiangxi provincial famous teacher award for tourism education, and Dr. Zhang jin and Dr. Lin Wenkai won the Jiangxi provincial outstanding youth award for tourism education.

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