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The academic influence of JUFE tourism entered the first square in China in the third party evaluation

Recently, the Tourism Journal published the academic evaluation of Chinese tourism academic community from 2003 to 2018. By studying the H index and G index of Chinese tourism papers in a full sample, it comprehensively shows the academic influence of tourism research institutions and paper authors in China.

Among them, JUFE ranks the 34th in the TOP100 tourism colleges and research institutions, ranking the first among all financial and economic colleges and universities in the whole province, and entering the first square of the country.

Associate professor Cao Guoxin of STUM was listed as the 30th author of the TOP100 tourism thesis, second only to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Associate professor Cao Guoxin, professor Tian Fengjun and professor Tang Wenyue were listed as the authors of the cited index of TOP150 tourism papers, and the number of the authors ranked the first among financial and economic universities in China and universities in the province.

The Academic Evaluation Research base of China tourism academy is an official research institution under the ministry of culture and tourism. JUFE tourism has always maintained a dominant position in the national financial and economic colleges and universities in the province. 

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