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Guoliang Xu

Name: Guoliang Xu     Gender:male

Degree: Ph.D. Graduation    College: Nanjing University

Graduation Major: Humanities Geography

Profession: Teacher    Profession: Lecturer


Learning Experience: 

?2013.09-2016.07, Ph.D. Graduate, School of Geography and Marine Sciences, Nanjing University;

2008.09-2011.07, Master's degree, School of Geography Science, Fujian Normal University;

2004.09-2008.07, undergraduate, College of Land, Resources and Tourism, Anhui Normal 

University. Experience: 

2011.09-2013.07, Teacher, Sanya College of Hainan University

2016-Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics School of Tourism and Urban Management 

Research Direction:

Land Resources Management, Human Geography

Main Course:

Major Compulsory/Major Elective Course:

Public Management and Policy, Regional Analysis and Planning, Physical Geography Intra

School Public Elective Course:

Field Survival Development of Quality, Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development

Achievements in scientific research:

In recent years, scientific research achievements have hosted projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Science Foundation (research on decision-making mechanism and optimal regulation of farmers' homestead withdrawal from the perspective of land attachment, 2018.01-2020/12);

Jiangxi Social Science Planning Youth Doctoral Foundation (research on non-market value perception and suppression of rural homestead withdrawal intention, 2017.01-2018.12);

and Jiangxi University Humanities Society. Scientific planning project (research on inhibiting farmers' willingness to withdraw from homestead based on multi-dimensional endowment effect, 2018.01-2020.12);

in recent years, he has completed the project of Jiangsu Province Graduate Innovation Project in 2015 (research on land attachment of land-expropriated farmers, project number: KYZZ15 0038, 2014.01-2016.06).

The main papers published are (nearly five years):

(First writerAssessment on the Effect of City Arable Land Protection under the Implementation of China's National General Land Use Plan (2006-2020)Habitat International2015年(SSCI);

(Correspondence Author) Peripherization of Indemnificatory Housing Community under Land-Centered Urban Transformation: The Case of Nanjing, ChinaSustainability2017年(SSCI);

(First Author) Research Progress of Land Attachment, Modern Urban Studies, 2017 (CSSCI);

(First Author) Evolution Analysis of Economic and Economic Development Centers of Countries and Regions Around the South China Sea, Resource Science, 2014 (CSSCI); 

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