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Yiping Tang

Name: Yiping Tang     sex: Male

degree: Master's degree

Graduation College:Major of Xi'an Jiaotong University

Job: Teacher's Job Lecturer's Self-introduction

Learning Experience:

2017.9-Doctor: Nanjing University

2003.9-2006.7 Master: Xi'an Jiaotong University

1998.9-2002.7 Undergraduate: Henan University

Working Experience:

2006.7 Up to now, the research direction of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics is Urban and Rural Planning


Urban and Rural Planning

Historic and Cultural Heritage Protection

The main course:

Urban and Rural Planning, Architectural Structure

Research Achievements

(1) Tang Yiping. The Social Science Planning Project of Nanchang, the arrangement and research of Buddhist historical and cultural heritage in Nanchang (Ls201726), presided over.

(2) Tang Yiping. Science and Technology Project of Jiangxi Education Department, Research on the Protection of Historic and Cultural Villages in Poverty-stricken and Backward Areas - Taking Southwest Jiangxi as an Example (GJJ170332), presided over.

(3) Tang Yiping. Jiangxi Province Cultural and Art Science Planning Project Research on the Protection of Historical and Cultural Villages in Southwest Jiangxi from the Perspective of Public Participation (YG2016144), presided over.

Published papers mainly include (nearly five years)

(1) Tang Yinping. Quan Qingkan wash inkstone, Shanxiuke book collection - Jiangxi Academy Research. Huazhong Architecture, 2017 (6): 130-134.

(2) Tang Yinping. Ouyang Xiu descendant settlement - Diaoyuan ancient village protection planning research. Huazhong Architecture, 2016 (3): 95-98.

(3) Tang Yinping. Diaoyuan ancient village settlement form and its architecture research. Vision and methods - 21st session Papers Collection of the Annual Conference on Chinese Residential Architecture, 2016 (10): 184-189.

(4) Tang Yiping. Research on Water Landscape Art of Traditional Villages in Central Jiangxi Province. Design Art Research, 2017 (12): 49-56.

(5) Tang Yiping. Research on Architecture and Religious Implications of Kathmandu Palace in Nepal. Heritage and Protection Research, 2017 (3): 73-81.

(6) Tang Yiping. Research on Revolutionary Site Protection Planning - Industrial and Agricultural Revolution Exemplified by the site of the division headquarters and regiment headquarters of the First Division of the Ming Army, Heritage and Protection Research, 2017 (5): 30-36.

(7) Tang Yiping, Wang Yan. Yanfang Ancient Village Spatial Form and Architectural Art Research. Architecture and Culture, 2016 (9): 106-107.

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