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Students from Lvcheng get good results in BIM application skills competition

?Published time: 2019-10-28

On October 20, the finals of the national BIM application skills competition of colleges and universities in 2019 will be held. Liu He, Yin Liangkang, Zhou Ruoyu, Ye Wenyu, Wu Qiong and he Ting, engineering management students of our college, participated in the competition in teams, and finally won the first prize of BIM cost management and the third prize of BIM cost management team in the whole process.

BIM cost management events take the whole process cost business as the main line, with the help of “Internet +”, cloud technology, big data and other cutting-edge technologies; BIM construction project management events take the construction project business process as the main line, realizing the high combination of construction management and BIM Technology.

The college has always attached great importance to the cultivation and training of students' innovation ability, practical application ability and employment ability, promoted the in-depth combination of students' theoretical knowledge and social practice, and implemented the goal of cultivating talents with the quality of credit, sensitivity, honesty and perseverance and innovation awareness.

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