A middle sized car seems to be the apt vehicle that is needed for a nuclear family. Whether it is for everyday use such as school drop or going to the market, a normal car does seem to be more than sufficient. With many households having more than one car, a bigger vehicle not only makes it difficult to navigate through the mad traffic but finding a parking spot becomes almost impossible.

There are of course days when you need a van. You might be going on a road trip and would like more leg space not just for you but for the rest of the family as well. You could invite friends for the trip and your car would not do the trick.

Van leasing is one of the most successful commercial businesses that has taken off instantly. Even the families who use public transport for the everyday travel would like to borrow a van from a company to take them places.

This box-shaped vehicle has a lot of room for luggage as well as people. There are different types of vans from which you can choose. Vans are different from sports utility vehicles

A Minivan is a small van that is suited for passengers in the back. Safety and comfort is its priority. It is set up for a family and can accommodate five or more people in it. The Ford Minivan is one of the most popular vans used for vacations and small road trips.

A van represents a full size on the frame. It is usually a rear wheel drive. It used to be the most popular mode of transport till the minivan came in and took over the market share. While the van may or may not have windows, the minivan does as it is equipped for both people as well as luggage. There are also commercial minivans that you can lease in order to haul cargo.

End of the day, size does matter. Study your needs before you pick your vehicle.…