Planning a fun road trip with loved ones? While these trips are meant to be fun, there are many hiccups that can cause such trips to turn into anything but fun. While you cannot imagine the unforeseen, what we definitely can do is to be prepared.

While we pack our car with luggage and road trip munchies, don’t forget some accessories that are essential and may come handy for a smooth and fun ride.

GPS Unit

The newer cars now come with an in-built GPS unit, but buying one for your car is always a good idea. A GPS tracker in your car can ensure fewer wrong ways and saves time, effort, and energy. This accessory is available almost at any good electronics store. Setting it in your car is also not very difficult.

Cargo Carrier

Nothing can be worse than a car ride where the seats are full of luggage leaving you with absolutely no space to stretch up even a little bit. When you are not expecting rains, installing a cargo carrier can be a boon. Simply load your luggage on it and save yourself from a crammed up trip. I got the best cargo carriers here, check them out.

DVD Player

You can opt for a portable one too. This comes handy on long trips especially with children. When they get fed up of the closed space and get fidgety. Load some fun things for them to watch that will ensure they enjoy their trip too.

Back and Neck Support

As much fun road trips are, they can give you some nasty cramps in your back and neck. Carry cushions of back support gear to make sure your back gets the support and rest it need while on the roads.

Window Shields

Driving can be fun, but when the sun is shining bright and burning your skin through it can get a little annoying. Simply put window shields that will instantly reduce the intensity of sun rays entering your car making the ride far more bearable.…

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Latest Tyre Technical Requirements In Australia

Tyres are very complex components that go through an extremely tough life. A tyre is meant to transmit traction and braking forces to the surface of the road. Also, it contains a volume of completely pressurized air. A vehicle gets its directional stability from the tyre. It also supplements the main suspension system of the vehicle. And let us not forget the fact that the four tyres of a vehicle are responsible for steering, acceleration and braking. Thus, it is very essential to pick your tyres correctly. If you are looking for changing the tyres of your vehicle then check out the car tyres in Melbourne.

Before choosing tyres, you need to decide whether you want comfortable ride or rapid steering since many of the functions contradict each other. Nowadays, tyre pressure monitoring systems have gained a lot of popularity. This system is used for monitoring the loss of pressure in a tyre and then it alerts the driver for the same. It can be a great help to the driver for improving the car’s fuel efficiency. This can also prevent the car from many accidents because if the tyres are under-inflated then there are chances of blowouts.

In recent times, winter tyres have come into picture. It should not be confused as studded or snow tyres. These tyres basically do not become hard in cold temperatures which mean that they have a powerful gripping property than those summer tyres which are not great for winters. Winter tyres are great for temperatures less than seven degrees Celsius. So, ideally get the tyres changed to winter tyres from the month of November to March. And again in April you can use your summer tyres since the temperature will start rising. These winter tyres not only deliver great performances but also provide safety during wet and cold weather conditions.…

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Size does matter

A middle sized car seems to be the apt vehicle that is needed for a nuclear family. Whether it is for everyday use such as school drop or going to the market, a normal car does seem to be more than sufficient. With many households having more than one car, a bigger vehicle not only makes it difficult to navigate through the mad traffic but finding a parking spot becomes almost impossible.

There are of course days when you need a van. You might be going on a road trip and would like more leg space not just for you but for the rest of the family as well. You could invite friends for the trip and your car would not do the trick.

Van leasing is one of the most successful commercial businesses that has taken off instantly. Even the families who use public transport for the everyday travel would like to borrow a van from a company to take them places.

This box-shaped vehicle has a lot of room for luggage as well as people. There are different types of vans from which you can choose. Vans are different from sports utility vehicles

A Minivan is a small van that is suited for passengers in the back. Safety and comfort is its priority. It is set up for a family and can accommodate five or more people in it. The Ford Minivan is one of the most popular vans used for vacations and small road trips.

A van represents a full size on the frame. It is usually a rear wheel drive. It used to be the most popular mode of transport till the minivan came in and took over the market share. While the van may or may not have windows, the minivan does as it is equipped for both people as well as luggage. There are also commercial minivans that you can lease in order to haul cargo.

End of the day, size does matter. Study your needs before you pick your vehicle.…

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Up Your Driving Experience With The Newest Autoradios.

Using cars as a mode of transport to travel just from one point to another is a thing of the past. Cars are now all about the experience of driving. With luxury reaching a new high in driving, car seats, wheels, the engine everything is not modified to heighten the driving experience. To add to the feel, auto radios are also no more limited to simply hearing the news or radio while you travel. They are also being designed to give you maximum pleasure as you drive.

What are the newer features in an Autoradio?

The newest car audio systems are nothing short of a professional audio system. The only difference being they are compact and fit within the vehicle. When talking about car speakers you can have variants like gps autoradio golf 5, or even try the latest 2017 autoradio new. The price range in car audio system varies depending upon the features each system possesses.

Autoradios are available in various types of speaker systems:

  • Component: Where each part has a different driver. This is not a very common option
  • Full range: This is a commonly used system, where all the components are joined together and attached to one single drive. This definitely a more convenient option.

There are also different forms of car speakers. One can choose from them depending upon your choice of music and budget.

  • Tweeters: These specialize in producing high-quality sounds of high frequency, especially like a that of a musical instrument like a saxophone.
  • Super Tweeters: These are the best for music of the highest frequencies. They are also great options while considering music in higher altitudes.
  • Mid-range: As the name suggests, these speakers are a perfect blend of tweeters and woofers. As they create the right output unlike the other two.
  • Woofers: These are best for low range music, with extra effects
  • Subwoofers: These are used while playing music of the lowest frequencies.
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Enjoy Your Long Drive Safe And Sound

Bought a new car? Waiting to go on that long drive to test all those wonderful features that attracted you to this car in the first place? Well, there is no better way to test and enjoy a car to the fullest, than taking it for a long leisurely drive.

What Do You Need

When you are on the roads, music is a must for most of the drivers. What else can you do when you are driving for hours? Well, when you some fun company chatting with you, you may not need music but other times, music is what keeps you going.

You will also need a GPS enabled system. The cars today are equipped with a GPS and you won’t have to buy one separately. But even for those cars that do not have an in built GPS, you can use the one on your smartphone. iPhones come with a well updated GPS system that can ensure you are on the right road.

However, if you have to look at you have to look into your phone screen every few minutes; it is definitely not advisable as it is not safe. Though you may only be taking a peek but those few seconds are enough to change someone’s life forever. Hence it is advisable to never take your eyes off the road and keep the phone as far away from you as possible.

Your Solution

So what can you do? You need to use your music system, you need to use your GPS but without having to use the phone. Get yourself the car play autoradio GPS. Get a system that is compatible with autoplay and connect your iPhone to it. Now you can use your phone on the car system, without having to take your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel. If you use an android phone, you can get the autoradio 2 DIN android and enjoy the same driving comfort.…

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